my love of the water …

I guess it would be fair to say that I grew up on the water. Though we didn’t spend every weekend out there, and probably far from it, I spent a fair amount of time on a boat and within earshot of plenty of fishing conversations. My dad’s had a boat (or two, or three) since before I can remember, the most awesome of which he built. And when we weren’t taking his boat out, we were on Uncle Donny’s boat, soaking up the rays and catching plenty of fish and scooping up plenty of crabs in the Bay.

Last weekend, I had the pleasure of spending the day fishing on the Bay with my dad and four awesome friends. Not only was is great to spend time with them, which doesn’t happen often, but it was an incredibly gorgeous day – one meant for fishing. The kids had a blast, and did an amazing job of catching (and releasing) the fish! We caught six different types of fish: spot, croaker, toadfish, sea robin, bluefish, and perch. We also turned a landlubber into a man of the sea … at least for the day. He might even be ready for Deadliest Catch! Alright, maybe not …

IMG_5483 IMG_5266 IMG_5384 IMG_5346 IMG_5410 IMG_5318 IMG_5408 IMG_5498

Maybe that’s one part of why I love being on the water. It’s fun to watch people who are uncomfortable on boats and out in the open water transition from being all nerves as they first step onto the boat into a relaxed state of comfort as the day progresses.

Now the plan for this weekend is to take the jet skis out and enjoy the last bit of summer on the Patuxent River, which runs behind my parent’s house. I’m so excited; it’s almost like a mini-vacation. It’s a carefree world out there – no e-mail, no cell phones, and little contact with society. It’s a freeing feeling.

IMG_7595.JPG IMG_8471 IMG_8450 IMG_8064 IMG_8208

No matter what adventure this weekend holds, I’m ready.

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