taste test #1 … cranberry and something

What do you mix with cranberry juice when you want a sparkling cranberry juice? Well, it wasn’t much of a problem until I got into Safeway and saw three equally confusing options:

  • club soda,
  • seltzer water,
  • and tonic water.

IMG_6195 Hmpf. With those choices, I have absolutely no clue. Luckily, thanks to Safeway and the sale on Schweppes, I was able to eliminate seltzer water. 4 for $5 meant two bottles of tonic water and two of club soda for the taste tests.

What’s the difference on the outside? Tonic water has 90 calories, club soda has 0. Tonic water has 35 mg sodium, club soda has 0. Tonic water has 23 g carbs, club soda has 0. Tonic water has 22 g sugar, club soda has 0. So, what’s the difference in taste? Tonic water is sweeter because of the sugar, of course. Club soda has far more bubbles than tonic water. Justin thought the tonic water was more bitter than club soda, and I can agree with that.

The choice? I’m going to go with the healthy alternative and choose club soda. The difference in taste isn’t that much different, and the objective was to make sparkling cranberry juice without a major change in taste and nutrition.

Done, and I’ve got a new drink, or “soda,” of choice!

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