for a good laugh …

People are funny. I’ve been watching the list of search terms for my blog for some time now, and would like to take a moment on a boring Friday afternoon to share some of them with you.

my dog ate mink oil, dog ate mink oil, mink oil eaten by dogs
Hey, so did mine! I hope yours has an iron stomach like mine; our four-legged vacuum cleaner was just fine after eating half the container. Then again, the monster has managed to safely consume a loaf of fresh bread, an entire meatloaf, a Thanksgiving turkey, a bag of Hershey’s Kisses complete with wrappers, newspapers, books, an entire box of cake mix, a portion of my husband’s Crocs, a box of tissues, part of a backpack, countless packs of gum, and plenty more that I’m forgetting. Good luck.

boots bottled water
No offense, but I wouldn’t drink the stuff. If there really is a company named ‘Boots’ that manufactures bottled water, they may want to rethink their brand name. Think word associations, people! Ick!

open spaghettios without can opener
Hercules, maybe? I don’t know, but I can open a film cartridge with a churchkey. Does that count? (Yes, I know a churchkey is just an old fashioned term for a bottle/can opener. Bad example.)

berm recipes
People, a berm is a mound of dirt. Now while I will admit that I ate my fair share of mulch as a young child (It’s true.), I would not recommend attempting to make anything edible out of a berm. Guess it’s all a matter of opinion, and who am I to judge?

time capsule composition
Is it really made of anything? I mean, it contains time. Go virtual; it’s way easier than burying something in the ground!

chironex fleckeri food
Are you saying you want to feed the killer box jellyfish? Hmmm …

pantone 18-1629
… is a lovely shade of faded rose. Hope it worked out for ya.

having fun in the rain in my boots
Please, invite me next time!

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