update on the update …

So yesterday’s 10-15 minutes may just turn into 10-15 DAYS. We still have yet to hear from Justin’s doctor’s office as to the results of his cystic fibrosis test. They told him at around 2:30 that they’d have the results faxed to them from Labcorp and they’d return his call within 10-15 minutes. No answer by 4:00, so he called back shortly thereafter. IMG_6592 What he heard was a recording stating that their office hours were from 11 am to 7 pm on Monday, and they took lunch from 2 pm to 3 pm. Only problem is that it was after 4:00 and the recording was still on. Well guess what? They were closed for the day!

Now it’s just after 10 am the next day and we’re still waiting to hear. Gotta love it. I’ll let you know once I hear, but don’t hold your breath. What a crock.

On a similar and yet somewhat unrelated note, here’s a picture Justin took of my belly last Thursday night. Oddly, it seems to have grown even more in the past 4 days and is even bigger now. Once I become brave enough again to step in front of a camera, I’ll share. Until then, you’ll just have to wait! For now, you get my 22 week belly.

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