sweet …

IMG_5905 My mom’s just too cute. My first day back to work was on Tuesday, and while the work part of it was okay, a part of me just felt like it was missing. Seriously, I spent 7 weeks straight with Lily, being away from her only 4 times and those three times were a mere 45 minutes (with Justin), 15 minutes (twice with my mom) and 4 hours (with Michelle). When I think about it, that feeling of something missing really was true – I was missing my Peanut.

I went to Babies ‘r’ Us at lunchtime, and when I returned, there were flowers on the front desk. Flowers come to the office on occasion for birthdays, anniversaries, etc., so I didn’t think much of it. Then I learned they were for me – yippee! I knew immediately who they were from; I knew my mom was behind it on behalf of my parents.

Somehow, she always knows the right moments to do something like that. She can read me like a book and knows me better than anyone else. Then again, she’s my mom. And she’s amazing. Mom, you totally made my day!!!

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