four12x – january ’13.

I tried this in 2011 … and we made it through April. I’d like to think that this year will be different, but we will see. In 2011, it was three12x. This time around, because of our latest addition, it’s four12x.

The goal?

To take a photo of the four (and sometimes five, with Huck) of us once a month … all year long. Doesn’t sound that hard, does it? You try it and tell me how that’s working out for you in, maybe, June?

At any rate, I decided today that we’d try this project again, so today was just about our only possible attempt. (No, weeknights are out. Things are entirely too chaotic around here!)

Is this image all I had hoped it would be? No. But Lil had about half a nap, and Kaden has been in a rotten mood all day long. So you get what you get. Knowing these things, I decided to make the subject of this month’s photo our favorite shoes. And without further ado, here’s us … in our January 2013 four12x:


Maybe next month will be better???

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