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I am not a runner …

… but when is it that someone who runs becomes a “runner?” Because I am not a runner … but I runview full post »

this crazy road …

Looks like I wrote this post on 9/21/12 … and didn’t publish it. So that it doesn’t sit in my Draftsview full post »

review: annie & isabel hospital gown

By now you must know … baby K, whose first name is Kaden, has arrived! The stork delivered him one month ago onview full post »

baby k …

The problem was born at my appointment on Thursday, August 30th. That was, you see, when I was told by my midwife thatview full post »

because ya gotta start (over) somewhere …

I’ll be back at it tonight – the gym will welcome my jiggly body with open arms!view full post »


I started a post yesterday about how my black cloud was once again creeping in. Since mid-July, I’ve had this &#view full post »

mamavation: just here.

I just lost my entire Mamavation post. And it wasn’t exactly a fun one, so now I’m even more upset. Argh.view full post »

mamavation monday: zen.

I feel like I should be bummed today as I look at my progress. I’m just hovering – seeing lots of ups andview full post »

back to mamavation reality.

I’m just going to tell it like it is – this past week was not a good Mamavation week for me. I failed toview full post »


Do you see that grey dot that erases just about all I’ve accomplished thus far? Yeah, I don’t either.view full post »

my answer …

Welcome to this week’s episode of Water Retention Monday. I’m your host, Bloated Mamavation Sista. So Iview full post »

thank you.

Aah, here we are. Back at Mamavation Monday. Many, many thanks for the words of encouragement last week. I so needed youview full post »

this is why …

This is why I have such a hard time sustaining these initiatives. I’m always motivated by the desire to loseview full post »

pedometer: what I’ve learned in 5 days.

So there’s my disclosure – I’ve been at this for 5 days. I have no knowledge upon which to base thisview full post »