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driving mamum’s car …

Because what’s more fun than pretending to drive MaMum’s car?!?! It feels like forever now, but I know itview full post »

project 365: catching up on june

You know how it goes – there’s something you’ve tried to do time and time again, but no matter howview full post »


It was a normal Friday night for us. Dinner from one of our favorites – this time, Dominic’s. A few choresview full post »

letters to our sons: june ’14

Little Man/Kaden K/Brother Bear, I still can’t believe I agreed. He had been joking about it for months –view full post »

letters to our sons: march ’14

Little Man/Kaden K/Brother Bear, My sweet, sweet guy. It’s been a rough couple of months for us, and you’veview full post »

letters to our daughters: february ’14

My sweet Lily, Wow, what an exciting month we’ve had! It started with something not so fun – an earview full post »

day 28 | the new girl in town.

day 28 | 1/28/14 The new girl in town. Somehow I’ve managed to fill a 2TB hard drive. Oy! So … the new galview full post »

day 25 | finding peace amid sorrow.

day 25 | 1/25/14 Finding peace amid sorrow.view full post »

letters to our sons: january ’14

Little Man/Kaden K/Brother Bear, It’s the little things that mean the most – looking back on photographs ofview full post »

letters to our daughters: january ’14

My sweet Lily, About this time 4 years ago, we started to notice that you were a daddy’s girl. You’d run toview full post »

day 13 | the look of rsv.

day 13 | 1/13/14 The look of RSV. Poor little guy. We were lucky we got him in early and were able to avoid more extremeview full post »

day 12 | “hello, ma’am!”

day 12 | 1/12/14 “Hello, ma’am!” Such a goof, this girl is. We played until our fingers felt frozen!view full post »

day 11 | a rare red.

day 11 | 1/11/14 A rare red. I don’t often drink red wine, but when I want it, I want it. Tonight was one of thoseview full post »

day 10 | icy.

day 10 | 1/10/14 Icy. We woke up to ice … and while it’s tricky to move about in, it sure is beautiful!view full post »

day 9 | pre-treated.

day 9 | 1/9/14 Pre-treated. We’re expecting ice overnight … and the main roads are pre-treated.view full post »