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day 8 | for her tomorrow.

day 8 | 1/8/14 For her tomorrow. These are for her tomorrow. A new day, a new outfit. And she loves Princess Celestia soview full post »

day 6 | tiny.

day 6 | 1/6/14 Tiny. She’s so little … and if I could freeze time and keep her this way, I would.view full post »

day 5 | what’s your cutie mark?

day 5 | 1/5/14 What’s your cutie mark? The little lady is a MLP fan. So … what’s your cutie mark? Iview full post »

day 4 | let’s bowl!

day 4 | 1/4/14 Let’s bowl! We took them bowling. 2 adults and 5 children. And while I don’t think I have itview full post »

day 3 | sleepover!

day 3 | 1/3/14 Sleepover! 24-ish hours. 5 children – ages 8, 7, 4, 3 and 1. We’re going to have some funview full post »

day 2 | drops of … snow.

day 2 | 1/2/14 Drops of … snow. After a 3 hour commute home (One which is normally only 25 minutes.), all I’view full post »

day 1 | dead, but full of hidden life.

day 1 | 1/1/14 Dead, but full of hidden life. I suppose this Rose of Sharon is much like we as people are – weview full post »

kids were here: december ’13

30 seconds. That’s literally all it takes the two of them to completely wreck our great room. 30 measly seconds. Iview full post »

letters to our sons: december ’13

Little Man/Kaden K/Brother Bear, It was a cold night. A really, really cold night. Yet we decided to brave the coldview full post »

letters to our daughters: december ’13

My sweet Lily, She’s our first, and though she doesn’t yet have a name, that doesn’t mean we love herview full post »

Another snow day!

My goodness, we got snow on Sunday and again today! It started just as the littles and I were to leave, so we took todayview full post »

25 Days of Christmas – Day 8

To say that we had fun with today’s activity would be an understatement … we had a blast! Our hope was toview full post »

25 Days of Christmas – Day 7

The first Saturday in December is always so much fun! One local town has a horse parade during the day, and another townview full post »

25 Days of Christmas – Day 6

I was so pumped for this one … until Walmart didn’t have any white beads. My thought was just to space outview full post »

25 Days of Christmas – Day 5

What a fun one this was! We love The Polar Express (Known as Polar X in our house!), and we truly had a blast watchingview full post »