kids were here: november ’13

We’re baaaaack! It’s time for another Kids Were Here post! I’ll be honest – this month completely got away from me. I had a glorious opportunity when my 14 month old son put PlayDoh in the toilet a few weeks back (Ack!), but I totally forgot to photograph it. Bummer! Instead, I’m going with the chaos left behind by my dear 4 year old daughter Lily.

What is it about kids and boxes? I’m certain that if we removed all of the toys from our house, our two little ones would have no problem entertaining themselves with the plastic kids plates, container lids, silicone cupcake liners and of course, empty boxes. It would probably take them several days to realize that all their toys had gone missing!

So after last year’s holiday season was through, we decided to retire our Christmas tree with the thought of replacing it immediately after the holidays because, well, sales! Of course we didn’t do that (Ehem, time management?), so we ordered one a week or two ago. From the very evening we came home to see it delivered on the back porch our daughter showed interest in the box. In fact, it was either that night or the next that she decorated it with some My Little Pony stickers! I finally gave in and removed the tree from the box. Can you guess what she’s been playing with ever since? Yep, about 85% of her play has revolved around that box!

2013_11 02

But what’s best? The box became her “bed” (No, she hasn’t slept in there – but it does fit her little body perfectly!), but in order for it to be comfy enough, she needed a little more bulk. I walked in our bedroom to find that the quilt on our bed had disappeared and my bed was in disarray. Naturally … the quilt was in the box! Now admittedly I may not make our bed every day, but believe me when I say that it never looks this bad!!!

2013_11 03

Yes, indeed … kids were here! I guess it’s about time I wash that quilt anyway, right?!

2013_11 01_

This girl … always puts a smile on my face!!!

Please continue the circle by going to my dear friend Jacqui’s blog to see what her son Kaden has left behind this month – I’m sure it’s bound to make you laugh! And happy holidays to you and yours!!! These times may be crazy, but make sure you take some time to reflect on what matters most. Life’s too short!

KatieDecember 1, 2013 - 1:00 am

Gotta love a good box! I love how she has “personalized” it! My favorite is the one you posted to FB though with her in it. :)

KimDecember 1, 2013 - 3:42 am

So cute!

LisaDecember 1, 2013 - 3:53 am

This is precious, creative a absolutely adorable! We love boxes in my house too 😉

NatashaDecember 1, 2013 - 9:47 am

Yes, what is it with boxes? Whenever we get something in a box my two girls steal it & then later I find it full of their little treasures! Won’t be long until Heath is joining in on their stealth box theft! x

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