letters to our daughters: december ’13

My sweet Lily,

She’s our first, and though she doesn’t yet have a name, that doesn’t mean we love her any less. In fact, she’s loved more than I could have ever imagined.

Yesterday was the day you got to help Dada build your first snowman (I’m sorry, she’s actually a snow woman!)!!!


Oh yes, you were thrilled. You let Dada roll the giant snowballs for the body, making sure they looked just right as he shaped them. And when it came to the arms, face and buttons, they had to be just right. You spent more time working out the angle of that left arm than the entire rest of the body, and it was so sweet to watch!


And when Dada asked if you wanted to give the snowman a hat and scarf, you jumped at the opportunity. After we picked the hat and scarf, you then declared that she was not a snowman, but rather a snow woman. Extra emphasis on the word ‘woman!’


I love that you’re loving the snow this year, Lil. I’m going to be conservative and say I hope we only get a few more good “snowman” storms because I’m not a huge fan of this weather, but if it means seeing such joy on your face, I guess I can fit several more in this winter for you! Hey, we’ve already had 3 snow days in one week, so don’t push your luck, okay?!

I love you so, so much.

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