letters to our sons: january ’14

Little Man/Kaden K/Brother Bear,

It’s the little things that mean the most – looking back on photographs of you and your sister always brings back so many memories … as if I’m still in that moment with you. Reading through old blog posts about some of our adventures warms my heart. Equally as fun is remembering the little things you’ve done (Like how you come running at the first sound of bath water!), words you’ve said first, and the silly names you’ve given to everyday objects.

01 jan - bath (1)

And while you aren’t big enough to string words together, little man, you are using your first words. Here’s what you’re saying now, just shy of 16 months old:

  • dada
  • mama (or mamamamamama)
  • mommy (momeeeeeee)
  • lily (eee-yee)
  • hi
  • bye
  • meow (eow)
  • banana (nana)
  • ball
  • abue (a Spanish slang for grandmother)
  • happy (haaaa-ppy)
  • the sound your sister’s ponies make (errher)
  • thank you (da doo)
  • up
  • no
  • whoa
  • wow
  • wheeeee
  • milk (As of yesterday … yay!)
  • more (We’ve been trying to teach you the sign for ‘more’ … and within the past week, you’ve started using the sign and saying the word together! We love it!)
  • done (You also do the sign for this one! Communicating with you is so awesome!)

Of course, right now most everything is “eh, eh, eh, eh, eh” until we get it for you. As your mama, I’m SO glad you’re mixing words in there. It’s so helpful in figuring out what it is you want! The one thing we know is when you want your milk, because you’ll walk over to the refrigerator and pull on the door while saying your usual “eh, eh, eh.” If there’s one thing you love, it’s your milk!


You’ve been sick for the past few days, and with that, super snuggly. And yes, I’ve been loving every second of that! We’re so hoping you recover soon – we hate to see you hurting! And for the record, this time around you’ve got RSV and an ear infection. Your first trip to urgent care is in the books, my little one!

01 jan - sick (1)-2

01 jan - sick (1)

01 jan - sick (3)

Another thing that makes me laugh (Which I didn’t manage to capture this month.) is how you handle your dog-brother Huckleberry. If you don’t want him around you, you just wave your hand at him. Sometimes your swing hits him, and other times he just gets the point and goes on about his business. And there are other times that you’ve got food and he won’t back down until he’s stolen it from you. And when he knocks you over? Oh the screams you direct his way! Poor Huck!

We are loving watching you grow, little man. The next year or so will be my most favorite – you’ll learn so much and grow in such amazing ways. I am loving this journey we are on together – this wild ride as a family!

All my love,
MaMum (If you call me what your sister does!)

Next up, the sweet Anna! Please visit her blog next and continue along in our circle!

JacquiJanuary 17, 2014 - 10:40 am

He’s getting quite the vocabulary! I love the pictures from the Drs office. Feel better soon, Kaden!

chrissyJanuary 17, 2014 - 5:36 pm

love that you also documented his words-what a great idea! beautiful job

Beth AlonMarch 4, 2014 - 8:46 pm

This just brought me back to when all three of my kids were around this age and signing and talking…and the trips to the ER with my son! Beautiful post!

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