ordinary miracle.

Staycation is over; my new job starts tomorrow (I’m excited!). And while I grumble over the remaining items on the L&K bucket list and my incomplete to-do list, I know in my heart we did all we could and lived this week fully and without regrets. Throughout the week as we played, shopped, accomplished and loved, a song kept repeating in my head. It’s one that unexpectedly became the theme of the week, and its purpose will stay with me forever. (My guess it that it will also bring me to tears each time I hear it … because I’m just a sap like that!) This week was so much better than I could have imagined, simply because I was made to see the beauty in the everyday. And these two little people? They fill my days with countless ordinary miracles. For them I am so very thankful, and so full of love.


Life is not perfect; it’s filled with good, bad, happy and sad. And this week was no exception. Despite life’s highs and lows, I will try my best to appreciate the beauty in it all, simply because life is a whole lot better as a series of ordinary miracles than just a series of ordinary days.

My hope for you is that you also find a way to see the ordinary miracles in your ordinary days; not only for you, but for those around you. You’re worth it, and they are, too!

“It’s not that unusual // When everything is beautiful // It’s just another ordinary miracle today.”
– Ordinary Miracle by Sarah McLachlan

(If you haven’t heard the song, here are links for you! It’s worth a listen … I promise! And if you’ve seen Charlotte’s Web, you might recognize it … the song was in that movie!)

Lyrics     |     YouTube video

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